When it comes to a decision with lasting impact, people are drawn to brands that align with their values. Our approach helps you center your audience, find your meaningful difference, and develop messaging that resonates with the people you want to reach most.


Rather than first focusing on the organization’s perception of itself, we begin by taking the context in which the brand operates into account.


Our approach focuses on the people whom the organization serves.


Brands are a means to an end. A brand's purpose is to make the organization more valuable.

Before we get into crafting communications or designing brand elements, we guide our clients through a collaborative brand workshop that allows us to answer to the following questions:

We do this with several exercises that help us define the Theory of the Brand and the world in which our client operates.

  • What is its purpose—it’s reason for being.

  • What is its promise: the commitment it makes to the outside world.

  • What is its position: what makes it distinctive.

Every brand has many qualities it could promote. Through our proprietary system, we help determine which will have the most impact with your audience(s).

Once we know what the brand stands for, we shift focus to how it should communicate.  We'll help define the voice or persona the brand should take.

Once we have the necessary inputs, we synthesize our recommendations into a Brand Platform, which summarizes the Theory of the Brand, provides Core Messages that encapsulate which brand attributes to leverage, and determines how your brand will communicate—the persona it conveys and the way in which it presents itself. The Brand Platform can then be used to inform all marketing and communications activities moving forward.

With the Brand Platform in hand, our clients proceed in different ways. 


Some engage with us to craft specific assets that bring the brand to life. We have the ability to produce everything from brand identity elements and explanatory videos, to website development and national advertising campaigns. 


Others hand our findings over to their internal marketing teams or external agencies to execute communications based on the Brand Platform. Regardless of the subsequent marketing method or mediums, our process gives clients a better brand foundation on which to build—one that is designed to drive alignment and collaboration within your organization.

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