Th e Rollins College of Business has some of the most popular majors at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. But the school has trouble distinguishing itself from UT Knoxville. 

They came to us to help shift perceptions of the university from a convenient commuter school to an educational destination in a relevant and desirable city.

Our task: Create a distinct and enduring brand for the Rollins College of Business.


Our strategy was to leverage qualities that are quintessentially Chattanoogan, but are also embodied by the university itself: Authenticity, earnestness, and a welcoming spirit.



Chattanooga is a place unlike any other.


It’s a city built from the ground up. A city with dirt under its fingernails. 

Defined by bold vision, courage and generosity of spirit. 

Where hard work feels easy because we’re working together.


You can feel this unique power when you step on campus at the Rollins College of Business.

The energy. The momentum. The flow of ideas becoming actions becoming outcomes.


It’s common ground we share with our hometown.


Together, we are Confident. Curious. Caring. Collaborative. Courageous. Committed. 

Together, we put the “C” in UTC. 


And Chattanooga is ours for the making.


Collateral materals

UTC: Arrive Hungry. Leave Ready.
UTC Vision Courage Generosity
UTC: Part School. Part Startup.

Faculty and Student Recruitment

be a collaborator
be a community activist
be the change
business school the UTC way

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Why business school in Chattanooga
UTC ideas, actions, outcomes
UTC one of a kind college experince

Outreach Posters

The student recruitment campaign is currently live throughout the state of Tennessee and in select markets throughout the southeast region.