The NACDD makes it possible for state and territorial health departments to work more effectively to prevent chronic diseases.

They provide advocacy, funding, and support to reduce the burden of chronic diseases within communities across the country. 

We helped them capture the outcomes of a pilot program designed to create inclusive healthy communities nationwide.

Reaching people with disabilities through healthy communities

Butte, MT

The community coalition team in Butte has proven that inclusion improvements don't have to stop with practical measures like sidewalk curb cuts. They implemented amenities that any community would be thrilled to have while also ensuring that residents of all abilities can enjoy everything that the community has to offer.

Carroll, IA

From establishing an inclusive fitness destination to designing and constructing an all-abilities playground, the community coalition team in Carroll is implementing programs to reach people with disabilities while enabling the entire community to be healthier together.

Sioux City, IA

The community coalition team in Sioux City is working to change the culture of their community to be more inclusive. They started by bringing people of all abilities together to discuss how they utilize the world around them. The result is a community full of barrier-free recreational activities that everyone can enjoy year-round.

Helena, MT

With support from the NACDD, the team at Lewis and Clark Public Health in Helena, Montana implemented an inclusion workgroup - the first of its kind among public health departments nationwide. They found that the perspective offered by disabled members of the community was a game-changer when it came to creating and implementing public health policies that better support the entire community.