Fetch My Vet came to us to launch their new company, which was introducing in-home veterinary care. 

They intended to disrupt the pet care industry by showing pet owners that in-home veterinary visits are the best way to care for their pets. 

We were tasked with bringing the brand to life through positioning, advertising, media, and promotions.

Our insight: 

Everything is better at home.

Fetch My Vet's offering is more than just convenience for owners. Pets are more comfortable in their own space, and vets are able to provide better care with the added context of a pet's home environment.

House Rules.

Our idea: 

Show pet owners that Fetch My Vet can provide quality, professional pet care at home. Do it in a way that highlights the special connection owners and pets have with each other and their home environments.

The program established the tone and voice for the brand and, most importantly, drove 6,000+ visitors to their site each month.