Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

The Federation is a community-driven organization that helps connect Jews in Atlanta and around the world through dozens of different programs, services, and affiliates. They help coordinate and oversee programs that affect a wide range of people.

In 2019, they asked us to help them define their brand. Even though the organization has been around for over 100 years, finding a way to articulate who they were and what they were about—at their core—had proven to be an elusive endeavor.

We helped them define their brand and implemented it through a new campaign. Together we were able to organize their complete suite of communications materials and led the redesign of their website.


Jewish Federation - begin your journey
Jewish Federation - possibilities made
Jewish Federation - define your own journey

Awareness ads


Developed by New Uniform


Redesigned to help people in the Jewish community find resources and navigate the many services the Federation offers.

With the success of the new Federation brand, the organization called upon us again. This time we were to extend their brand into the Atlanta Jewish Foundation.


The Foundation operates within the Federation as their arm for charitable giving. This off-shoot of the Federation had never taken the time to establish their brand or find their core message.

We were tasked with creating a Foundation brand that worked within the Federation, but also stood on its own. We created their message platform, designed their new brand identity, and developed an advertising campaign.

Atlanta Jewish Foundation logo
Atlanta Jewish Foundation logo

Brand identity

Jewish Foundation - put your money where your heart is
Jewish Foundation - leave it to your community
Jewish Foundation - a more fulfilling way to give