The National Veterans Intermediary (NVI) was created to serve the 40,000+ groups who serve veterans nationwide.

As a new organization, they needed help telling their story. Their goals were to sign up veterans groups, establish organizational partners, and raise money.

We were tasked with creating a brand identity to help launch a new veterans organization. It needed to stand apart from the thousands of groups already out there.

We were directed to break the established conventions of flag-waving, red-white-and-blue, traditional veterans groups and give the NVI a distinct look within the category.


In needing to appeal to groups representing all branches of the military, we found common ground in a language universally understood among them all: morse code.

In the 18 months following our work with them, NVI has established 83 local partner collaboratives in 36 states, affecting change nationwide in an effort to improve veteran well-being, regardless of geography.

At the same time, they are generating the most comprehensive public data set of any organization in the country, charting what communities need to serve veterans at the local level.