The Atlanta Regional Commission is the regional planning and intergovernmental coordination agency for the 10-county Atlanta region.

They came to us with a need to create better awareness and understanding of the ARC WorkSource Program.

WorkSource runs career resource centers throughout the state to assist job seekers with a variety of career assessment, training, and job search support.

In our research, we learned that the  program provides much more than typical governmental assistance. The WorkSource staff truly embrace job seekers and genuinely look after them. 

We discovered that the resource centers were an absolute catalyst for the vast majority of people who utilized them. The program is a game-changer for job seekers.

Not only that, but WorkSource also provides valuable HR resources to employers looking for qualified candidates who are a good fit for their organizations.

Our insight:

In many cases, job seekers need a change advocate. An organization with the means, the mission, and the desire to make a difference for them.

That insight informed brand positioning:

The WorkSource program offers the right way to find the right job.

In June 2019, a brand campaign launched in seven metro Atlanta counties utilizing out-of-home billboards and radio placements to drive job seekers to visit a new website to learn more about the WorkSource program. was designed to give visitors more information about the WorkSource program and guide them to make an appointment with a Career Resource Center as a first step. 


We also distributed printed collateral to job seekers driving them to the site.

And we used PPC placements to drive to the site as part of a digital effort.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Career Resource Centers were closed and services were shifted to remote access. We immediately adjusted our messaging, developed a webinar resource page for the website, and shifted our program to focus on digital outreach.

Our digital plan geo-targeted a specific group of job seekers on Facebook and Instagram in select metro-Atlanta counties. It ran in two flights in 2020, with a five-week hiatus.

  • $87 cost per lead

  • Conversion rate of 2.04

  • Over 6 million impressions